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You can rely on Metal Motion

  • Research and development expertise
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Unique, innovative solutions
  • Quality, on-time production
  • Small to large volume production

Committed to Quality

The key to solving your problem is finding the right partner. Once our manufacturing team is on the job, Metal Motion becomes your partner. Committed to finding and creating the optimum solution for your problem, Metal Motion gives you unsurpassed quality.

Metal Motion means quality parts from quality machines operated by quality machinists. Every step of our production process is regulated by quality control procedures that guarantee you the part you expect, and on time. Quality, the essence of our company, becomes the foundation of our relationship with you.


RENISHAW retrofit PH20 Probe with 6 slot Probe Tree
X Axis: 28”, Y Axis: 40”, Z Axis: 24”
Using CMM Manager/UCCserver Software
Mitutoyo PH3500 Profile Projector
Mitutoyo ATK - 600 Hardness Tester
Eddy Current Machine: SIGMA Scope SMP1B


SolidWorks & SolidCam 2019
Kubotec and CATIA

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