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CNC machining:
With the use of Catia and Solidcam Software Metal Motion has the ability to CNC program to native CAD models at the nominal, eliminating costly errors other companies make when transferring models to other formats. Making Metal Motion your obvious choice in CNC machining.

Metal Motion has a broad range of machining capabilities which include 3 and 4 axis mills. We are capable of machining parts up to 120” in length on our long bed machines. This includes 40 and 50 taper machines with the ability to machine parts made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium and inconel.

We have three lathes to support your turning needs. Including live tooling that can accommodate turning and milling eliminating costly secondary operations.

Metal Motion supports riveting, shrink fit bushing installation, hardware installation, and sealing to provide you with a superior finished product.

Sheet Metal:
Metal Motion in 2021 added sheet metal to our capabilities, including a MultiCam router, Furnas press brake for simple forming and 600 ton hydraulic press to manufacture complex hydroformed parts.

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